Guide to Introducing Children to Technology

The world is changing and more people are embracing technology in their day to day life. You can no longer ignore the importance of technology even on children. Educators are now using technology to stimulate the interest of learners. This means that from a young age, children are getting exposed to technology. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you have the right strategies in place on how they can use technology without getting overdependent.

Be in Control

From the moment you are introducing children to technology such as online games, apps, and video players, you must always remember that you are in charge. Do not let it control the children. Instead, you should determine the kind of technology they are using, the content they are interacting with, and how often they access them. This should be determined by age. The younger the child, the less time they should be spending with technology.

Set the Rules From the Start

Do not wait for too long before you start setting the rules on how the children will use technology. If they will be exposed to online channels, you should let them know of dangers online and how they can avoid getting lured online. You need to give them clear rules of what they are expected to do and the consequences they will face if they go against the rules that apply to their technological use.

Ensure Breaks

Children who are growing up should be encouraged to step out often so that they are not hooked on technology. Have scheduled breaks for them and send them out. You should also make it known that they are not allowed technology during family times such as when having meals. They should also be made responsible for taking care of their personal technological tools such as computers.

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