Leveraging Technology in Growing Indoor Plants

We all love houseplants as they tag along with several benefits that improve health and well-being. But then, growing and taking care of houseplants is not an easy task. They require intensive care and the necessary knowledge. Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue of many houseplants enthusiasts whose plants keep dying. Today, we have plant apps that come in handy in the management of indoor plants. This article shares some of the ways these plant-care apps have revolutionized the growth of indoor plants.

Proper Watering

One reason why many indoor plants die is the lack of proper watering. Many times we forget to water our indoor plants, or at times, we overwater them. It’s essential to give the plants the exact amount of water they need. If you are the forgetful type, we now have plant care apps that help you schedule watering sessions. Once the plants need watering, you will be alerted. These apps also have databases of many plant species and recommend the proper watering procedure.

Besides watering, some advanced plant care apps such as Getplanta allow users to set reminders of other vital requirements, such as fertilizing, misting, and re-potting.

Lighting Optimization

Another reason why indoor plants die is poor lighting conditions. As you may be aware, light is essential in plants’ growth. For them to thrive, they should be in spots with adequate lighting. Here again, the Plants app comes in handy courtesy of the Light Meter feature. The Planta Light Meter helps users determine the light intensity in all rooms so they won’t have to struggle to gauge the light levels. What’s more? These apps will help you decide where to place each plant.

Smart Diagnosis

In most of the cases when plants die, early diagnosis could have saved the situation. But how do you tell whether a plant is ailing when you are not a botanist? If you are not an expert in this field, don’t worry. There are high-end apps, including Planta, that have intelligent diagnosis features to help you save your plant before it’s too late.

Virtual Botanists

Another area where technology has changed the growth of houseplants is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other innovations to create virtual botanists. Plant care apps have sophisticated systems that offer virtual assistance. They have large databases with all the information regarding different indoor plant species. In case you don’t know how to take care of a particular species, you can always refer to plant care apps. Interestingly, some advanced apps, such as Planta, can help you identify the plant species you have.

There you have it, folks, a round-up of how technology is impacting houseplants. If you were almost giving up indoor plants because they keep dying, plant care apps have the solution.

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