The Role of Intranet in Running Corporations Smoothly

Thanks to technology, corporations can today streamline operations and drive productivity courtesy of intranets. For starters, an intranet is a private network that leverages all internet technologies and innovation but is locked from the global internet and other users, outside of the organisation. It is the direct opposite of an extranet, an intranet accessible by users outside of the organisation. A good example of an intranet is a platform that a company uses to deliver updates and manage all crucial information about the business operations.

Today, there are so many intranets tailored depending on the field. A good example is Omniaintranet, a platform that corporations use to enhance productivity. In this article, find out everything that intranet websites such as can help enterprises achieve.

Enhancing User Experience

Intranets have been designed to offer users a personalised digital workplace to ensure that everything is done right, the easy way. Simply put, they are intuitive, personalised and task-oriented platforms. They also drive adoption amongst the workforce, and stimulate learning and training.

Communication and Collaboration

Intranets such as Omnia will also help businesses streamline communication and collaboration between the different departments and management levels. When it comes to communication, the platform has been optimised for enterprise communication so that employees can have all the information they need when they need it. As for collaboration, employees have a digital workplace where they can drive engagement and have everything aligned with the ever-changing business needs. You can create collaboration teams and work on projects and tasks collectively.

Knowledge Management

Another benefit of using intranets is that they simplify knowledge management. Intranets, including Omnia, have structured ways of knowledge management and knowledge sharing at the digital workspace. As you may be aware, knowledge management and sharing are vital in boosting productivity. Intranets allow for easy interaction with various content, meaning everyone at the organisation will be updated on the ever-growing knowledge base within the organisation. Interestingly, advanced intranets such as Omnia support gamification, ensuring that everyone in the organisation participates in the entire knowledge management and sharing process.

Workplace Integration

Intranets serve as the central place where much of the company’s operations are handled. Considering that corporations deploy many business tools and systems, intranets have been designed to allow for seamless integration. Omnia is still an excellent choice for businesses that want to integrate different internal systems to create a unified experience. One of the popular apps that intranets such as Omnia work with includes Office 365. This means employees can sync the different Office 365 apps including, Stream, Outlook, Planner, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, folks, some of the popular ways through which corporations and enterprises can benefit from using intranets. What’s more? These tools can also help businesses in governance and ensuring that the digital workplace is sustainable and employees conform to all the company guidelines. Importantly, intranets will ensure that all company data, life cycles, documents and other crucial data remain secure.

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