Current Trends in Digital Product Development

Much of the world is moving online. How technology has rapidly grown has changed the way digital products are developed, ensuring they’re faster and more reliable than ever, but also factoring in the globalisation we’re seeing. Web and mobile apps are now a necessity for most businesses, with many companies starting to consider their global potential from day one of starting.

Development Driven by Data

Businesses now have access to significant amounts of data about almost everything. Who is using the platform the most? What region is the business most successful in? What is the average age of the people who follow through with purchases? These are just some of the questions that are being answered by the almost endless amounts of data available and are ultimately impacting the way products are developed. With digital product development data is always valuable and can change the direction a business takes completely. What is the point in developing a product that few people will engage with? Data can help with ensuring the product is ultimately tailored to the people it’s being designed for.

Awareness of Privacy

If a buzz word was to be pinpointed when thinking about digital technology today, privacy would likely be towards the top of the list. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their privacy while using online platforms and purchasing products from a company’s website; this needs to be deeply considered when developing digital products. High profile hacking scandals have placed consumers on-edge, as well as the amount of data that people are beginning to realise is being gathered. When developing a digital product it’s worth considering what data you need to collect and what you could reasonably not bother with, also taking into account the new laws surrounding data privacy such as the EU’s comprehensive GDPR laws.

Overall, it’s essential to consider new developments in technology and the online world when developing digital products. 5G is being increasingly implemented across the globe which could bring in a whole new world of digital products as we move towards an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).. Technology is playing a large role in our day-to-day lives, and this is only set to increase, so with effective digital product development strategy, it’s a good time for businesses to start taking advantage of this.

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