What is Technology?

For the most part, those who are not involved in the many different forms of technology the term is often used loosely. Whenever one enjoys a product or some type of service in life they will often give the credit to the technology that has made it good without even realizing what it is.

For the many products that we have access to and even services, they have been built on some form of scientific knowledge. This is applicable to basically every industry. Throughout an average day, everyone makes use of some type of technology.

Something else that takes place on a regular basis is the advancement of technology. For example, the tea kettle may have started out as being a product that needed to be exposed to some type of heat for the purposes of boiling water. As technology was used to advance the traditional tea kettle the electric tea kettle came out onto the market. It no longer needed a source of heat to boil the water. The first electric tea kettle came out in 1893,

The concept of the technology used here was that the electric tea kettle was offered as an alternative to the traditional tea kettle. With respect to the technology for the traditional tea kettle, this revolved around advancements in using better materials for it so it would boil quicker for example. Or technology was used to create a better design that was more convenient.

To understand the advancement of technology look at the advancement of how to control fire and the many different applications of where it is used.

There are some people who complain that there is too much technology and it is too hard to keep up with. Yet many of these people don’t realize what their life would be like without these advancements.

Take a look at electricity for example. Of course, it started with its discovery and invention, but technology has brought it to where it is today. If the average person had to go back to the beginnings of when electricity first became available they would certainly find it to be most annoying. However, the people who first experienced the use of electricity were totally appreciative of it.

One of the problems with technology is the cost factors. Some may say that this is the downfall of it. For example, people will buy the latest cell phone on the market that is comprised of all the latest technology. Then within a few months, a newer one with more advanced technology hits the market. Now, this current phone has become outdated according to opinion and takes away some of the satisfaction of being able to say its the latest technology.,

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