Technology and the Disabled

While technology is important in any industry one that is most rewarding is disability technology. This is because the technology that is applied here is not focused on convenience but on necessity.

There are so many people that have different kinds of disabilities that they welcome any type of disability technology that is going to make life a little easier for them.

For those who don’t have a disability to deal with much thought, isn ‘t given to the different devices and aids that technology has brought to those in need of it.

One example is eye tracking technology. Think about what it would be like not to be able to reach out with your hands to make a simple movement with the mouse that goes with your computer. Yes, you may be able to form some tasks with voice commands, but not everything that you can do with your mouse by moving the cursor. Now think about being able to move that cursor just with the movement of your eyes or your head. This is astounding and yet it is just one example of technology that is available to help those who have this type of need.

Take a look at another common disability where people are restricted to a wheelchair. Sometimes for their entire lives. A common problem here is the development of pressure sores. These can break out into open sores that become so badly infected the individual has to be hospitalized. Thanks to the innovation of just one individual a sensor has been developed to help with this. The sensor connects to a smartphone and will give a warning when the individual needs to move. This device is still in the development stage but any wheelchair user aware of will no doubt be anxiously waiting for it to come to market.

Disability technology has to be encouraged and supported in its growth. It has a major impact on every individual who has a disability. Technology also takes money, and with there being so many different types of technology it can be difficult for start-ups to get the funding they need. It is important for the general public to really have a clear understanding of the different types of technology there is then if possible to financially and morally support that which they feel plays the most important role n their lives.

Disability technology must continue to grow.

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