The Impact of Technology on Teachers

For the most part teachers in general embrace technology, however some people look at technology as a threat in that it may affect their employment by replacing them. When it comes to the educational system and teachers technology is welcomed on many different levels.

All one has to do is look at the workload that the average teacher has, no matter what grade level they are teaching. Their day does not end when the bell rings. They have multiple after school tasks to complete like planning for the next week and paper marking. So naturally any technology that may be available to help them with this or assist them with their teaching is going to be most welcome by most.

It isn’t that there there is a shortage of technology for the teachers to rely on, the challenge comes with finding the time on learning how to use it and implement it. Some will use their own personal time for this because they recognize that the short term sacrifice they are making is going to be a long term gain.

It is also important that the teacher choose the right forms of technology to rely on.

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