Looking at Process Technology

Another area of technology that dramatically affects the lives of individual consumers is process technology. This is because every product that an individual uses goes through a process with the end result of it being brought to market.

To bring a little attention to process technology the next time you hold a water bottle in your hand, think about what it took to get it there. It all began with the raw materials.

In most cases, the raw materials begin with the plastic for the bottles which is normally PET which is Polyethylene Terephthalate. Before this can be turned into plastic bottles it has to be polymerized.

Now the plastic has been manufactured the bottles have to be manufactured. But first, the plastic has to be tested for this use.

Then the plastic goes through stretch blow molding to give the bottle its shape. There are several steps to this process.

Each step that is carried out from the raw material stage to the mold stage then onto filling and labelling all uses its only technology. The technology applies to the methods needed for each step as well as the tools and machinery that it takes to complete the necessary tasks.

When one takes the time to really think about just one simple product like a water bottle, it creates a greater appreciation of what technology brings to the world. Without it we would not have the products and conveniences that we enjoy today. It is easier to appreciate how process technology plays such an important role in the many different products that we buy and use.

Process technology is also responsibility for job creation.

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