How Important is Educational Technology ?

The UK is well known for having an excellent school system and a lot of effort is put into bringing as much educational technology into the teaching programs as possible.

There are some students not just in the UK but in general that feel that there is not enough “educational technology” being used in the classroom. This means taking a close look as to the value that this type of technology provides.

From a students point of view there are a lot current benefits to educational technology. It allows for the use of resources to help them make the most of their school time. Many students have to juggle school work and homework along with a part time job. A good example of technology that can really help with saving time is IT. Being able to access a computer to complete an assignment and use it for research is a huge time saver.

Students are financially burdened and cannot afford to fail classes that it would cost them financially to repeat. Different forms of educational technology could lift some of this burden.

Then there is also the future that a student has to think about and how does educational technology play a role in this? It can help prepare them for the job market as they are well aware that no matter what industry they venture into there will be technology involved. Be aware of what this technology is in the classroom setting basically prepares the student for its use in the workplace.

The challenges that the school face is the selection of technology and most importantly the budget constraints that they are face with in regards to the cost of technology.

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