Technology in Architectural Design

Technology is important in every industry but perhaps one of the most exciting industries and the changes that technology is making to it is in architecture.

What makes the technology in architecture so prominent is because the end results are so visible.

Going back in years the most common tools an architect would have is pen and paper. The design all began with a sketch and it evolved from there. Now with the different types of technology available in this industry it has taken it to new heights.

One of the things technology in this field has allowed for is a better use of time. Planning is much quicker with the use of IT. State of the art programs can be used for the design in a very quick amount of time. Changes can be made without having to go back to the drawing board as it only takes the click of a mouse.

Advancements in the drawing and rendering right through to the development of the plans are done in a much quicker time frame.

The technology has also opened up the doors for architects to be able to develop more advanced buildings with better options for materials, greater thought to the environment and better use of products.

Just one example of technology that dramatically helped this industry is 3D printing. Being able to build models this way and then study the design helps to create the safety features and factors far more effectively.

There are many aspects of technology that is changing the architectural industry.

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